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A slighty new thing for us but this is intended to be a blog about the things we do. I'm putting things here in an attempt to keep Facebook posts shorter with full posts here to help with Google ranks for keywords featured in the articles.

First up I'm goin to talk a little about TPMS in barrow in furness, dalton, ulverston, windermere, coniston, and beyond

Is your car newer than 2014?

Sorry for the long post here but there is quite a lot of info to be aware of.
All new cars produced after 2014 must be fitted with some form of TPMS ( Tyre Pressure Monitor system)
Any good fitter should as best practice, replace the none TPMS rubber valve every time the tyre is removed, at 9 pence per valve its inexpensive and saves on future problems.
Since the advent of TPMS systems, valves have become more expensive with prices ranging between £10 and £45 each for a replacement and as most customers don't want this added to the cost of their tyre, TPMS valves are not replaced when new tyres are fitted, this is leading to them breaking down over time.
All well and good if its just the valve that needs replacing but if you've somehow broken the sensor part, thats where is gets expensive.
some Audi and BMW sensors are upwards of £120 per wheel and some others can have eye watering costs outweighing even the price of the tyres in some cases.
There are two main types of TPMS systems fitted to cars.
Direct TPMS have RF sensors attached to the valve in each wheel, they are battery powered and relay info such as tyre pressure, tyre temp and battery life to your cars ECU.
They can more often cause problems but are more accurate than indirect systems and give a lot more info.
You can often tell if you have a direct system as your wheel will often be fitted with a bolt in valve with the exception of some Fords which use a sensor backed rubber valve.
Direct TPMS systems are by far the ones we see most problems with.
Often problems occur when less aware fitters damage them whilst removing tyres. They can also be damaged as the driver attempts to check their tyre pressures or in cases where they have fitted aftermarket metal dust caps to the valve, the dissimilar metals cause galvanic corrosion and the cap gets stuck, often snapping when the user attempts to remove them by force.
Indirect TPMS works by taking reading from your cars ABS, Wheel speed sensors and Steering Angle sensors and uses algorithms to determine if one wheel is rotating faster than another suggesting a drop in pressure on one side of the car.
These systems are not as accurate as direct systems and can be more difficult to fix as they require communication with the vehicles ECU.
There are a few ways to deal with TMPS problems.
Most often direct TPMS systems can be fixed relatively inexpensively with a simple valve stem replacement at a cost of between £20-£50 depending on Vehicle.
Sensor replacement where one has been damaged or stopped communicating with the car.
This is often more expensive as it requires coding to the vehicle so the car can recognise the sensor again.
Each Manufacturer has their own brand and type of valve and sensor meaning anyone wishing to service these systems must carry many types of sensor until now.
This used to mean a trip to a main dealer but we have invested in the best equipment meaning we can now diagnose, repair, clone and replace your TPMS sensors at the roadside for far less than it would cost at your main dealer.
Our system means we can now clone TPMS Sensors or re-code up to 95% of sensors
This means we only need two types of valve and we can carry them where ever we need them.
As far as I'm aware we are the only local company able to do this where ever you need it.
We are also able to fit sensors to your winter or race wheels, we can also adjust the pressures you car sees for people towing caravans etc and much much more.
If you have been having issues with your TPMS system, call us and we will see what we can do to help.
DISCLAIMER, This post is from my own knowledge on the subject and may contain some inaccuracies but is true and correct as far as I understand this relatively new system.

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